Week 4 - Slimmer Of The Week

So I hit my 4th week as a slimmer! After what felt like a not very successful week, I was delighted to discover I had dropped 5 more pounds this week, making it 19.5 gone. I was also named Slimmer of the Week for the second time.

I felt like this week I was a bit all over the place. I was never in any real danger of going over my syns but I don't feel like I was particularly disciplined.  I realise I'm describing a contradiction but that's just how it felt this week, so I was pleasantly surprised to lose the 5lbs.  I have spoken to my consultant (and friend) Tracy about the whole certificate and slimmer of the week award. I'm not someone who needs the validation of acknowledgement of my weight loss to inspire me, but I understand some people need the push.  It helps some to have a smaller, short term target.

Speaking of targets, this week I will be creating my own inspiration wall, based on my favourite thing, professional wrestling! My starting weight was close to Mark Henry, a former Olympic weightlifter, which I'm obviously not! Since starting this weight loss plan, I'm down to approx the same as Kamala, a horribly racially insensitive character from the late 80's.

My theory is to mark my wall as I drop below each wrestler, until I get to my target weight, which shall remain secret for now! My next short term goal is to drop below Umaga, a sadly deceased Samoan wrestler.
Once I have finished my wall chart, I'll share it here with you.  I'm just trying to keep my brain interested, even though I'm determined to lose the weight, I get bored easily, and this will keep me focused.
You can follow my Slimming World journey on my instagram @fixatedonstuff or on twitter @FOShapingUp


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